Repairs and Upgrades

Won’t power on? Hearing strange grinding noises from inside the case that wasn’t there this morning? Screen showing nothing but lines? Been wanting to upgrade that hard drive or install a new video card? Before opening your wallet for a new computer or forgoing that upgrade that you really want, bring it to first. Our experienced Technicians can help you make the best choices for your PC needs.

Here at, our technicians will diagnose your problems for free and then provide you with options that will best suit your needs.

We can diagnose problems ranging from broken laptop screens to dead motherboards.  So, please, before you decide to throw away your nonworking computer and dip into your savings to buy an new pc, bring it in and have our technicians take a look.  It could save you some of that hard earned money!


Some of Our Most Common Repairs:

  • Replacement and Upgrades of Laptop Components like: Screens, Batteries, Hard Drives, Memory, Power Jacks

  • Replacement and Upgrades of Desktop Components like: Hard Drives, CPU, Memory, Power supplies, Motherboards and Video Cards

  • Network Troubleshooting  like: Network Cabling, Wifi setup, Router configurations, Wireless Printer configuration

  • Data Recovery

 These are just the basic repairs and upgrades that we can do.  If you do not see a repair or upgrade option that you need done up above, please feel free to call, come in or email us to see if we can help.

Looking for pricing on virus removal or OS reinstall’s go to our Services Page